Anker Stuy Verven & Accoya

Anker Stuy has been working with Accoya for many years. We investigated how the paint systems of Anker Stuy could give an even longer outdoor durability on Accoya. And joint outdoor exposure tests have been set up. This enables us to guarantee our paint systems up to 15 years maintenance-free.

Anker Stuy offers a solution for various applications. For window frames, doors, wooden facades, terraces, decking and other wooden constructions made of Accoya.

Anker Stuy Coating Systems and the benefits of Accoya

Using Anker Stuy Coatings on Accoya has a positive effect on the life of wooden building components:

  • No wood degradation and greatly reduced shrinkage and swelling. This means that coatings last much longer than standard wood species and require little maintenance.
  • The longer service life of coated Accoya makes it ideal for extreme situations where maintenance is difficult or costly. Examples include high-rise buildings.
  • Total cost of ownership with Accoya is lower than with any other wood species. Low environmental impact means that coated Accoya performs better in LCA and CO2. emissions. than any other competing material.
  • Anker Stuy Coatings has years of experience with Accoya and has specifications for all possible wood materials.

Anker Stuy Coatings and Accoya have set up joint outdoor exhibitions to demonstrate the longevity of paint systems.

Accoya and black surfaces

Accoya is characterised by little to no shrinkage and swelling behaviour and is therefore ideal for use of dark colours. Normally, a black top colour can reach temperatures of 85 degrees Celsius in summer and cause the wood to shrink dramatically. With Accoya, this problem is far less and therefore the outdoor durability is also better and the maintenance interval longer.

Anker Stuy Coatings are made with very high quality colour pigments (comparable to the automotive industry) so dark colours have much less gloss and colour degradation than standard deco pigments. Therefore black still looks black, even after a few years. In combination with our highly elastic wood coatings, this is a good match.


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