This year, the colour gold has joined this popular metal effect interior trend. Just like copper, gold is a warm colour that can be easily applied. For example, in the ‘hotel chic’ trend, this colour combines well with wallpaper and warm tones.

But also a golden mirror, a copper statue or even a golden side table can create a desired warm atmosphere at home. With our gold-effect lacquer you are able to treat many different surfaces in many different shapes and achieve this luxurious look.

Gold can also be combined well with our black matt finishes, like for example a black kitchen with gold accents. These combinations can also be made with our furniture lacquers. We are happy to advise you.

As spray coatings are not limited to certain shapes, the possibilities are endless. Together with a seamless surface that does not rub off, you get a luxurious look. Pianos, planters, pedestals, radiator covers, interior trims, skirting boards, 3D shapes and more. There are no limits.

Besides the gold-effect, other metal effects are also possible, such as copper, silver and rust-effect lacquer. These can all be applied to different surfaces and can be sprayed.

Are you curious how these lacquers can contribute to your material? Send us a message and we will contact you within 48 hours.

Monster goud lak

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