Sustainable innovation

We produce paint that is free of maintenance for as long as possible. Where once a new paint job was needed after five years, this has now been increased to 15 years with the right types of wood. We expect to optimize this even further in the coming years. We do this by looking at all aspects of the chemicals.

Color pigments, for example, also play an important role here. We produce our own color pigments and use only high quality pigments that can be compared to the pigments used in the automotive industry. This reduces the number of transport movements and maintenance movements tremendously.

In addition, we stimulate building with wood. Cross laminated timber (CLT) or modular construction is a good example of this. Within this movement, our products can contribute to a higher and better finish of the elements or to making the components more sustainable.

To keep the carbon footprint as low as possible and to be able to guarantee the durability of the paint, we mainly work with suppliers from Western Europe and we develop and produce 100% of our production in our factory in Terwispel, the Netherlands.

Product improvements and sustainability

Our polymer experts look at product improvements and sustainability improvements every day. For example, we strive for fewer solvents in paint. We now produce more than 85% of our paints exclusively in water-based paints, which are better for people and the environment.

In addition, we are working with chain partners to develop various types of paint that can contribute to these sustainability aspects. If you, as a supplier, have a unique product that we can use in our products. Please contact us below.