Anker Stuy Verven is renovating its production hall at the Hellingwal in Terwispel. With this, the manufacturer is doubling its capacity, necessary to meet national and international demand.

The new production hall will also be equipped with a ‘highly advanced’ technical area where products can be tested. Here Anker Stuy will also receive clients to show the products and their applicability.

In a press release, Anker Stuy Verven states that it has grown “strongly” over the last few years. That growth can be attributed to export and new products for the Dutch market. The Frisian paint producer develops all products and systems in its own lab. Sustainability is a spearhead in this. In the new part of the production hall, heat will be generated by heat pumps.

The renovation is expected to be completed this summer, after which a festive opening will take place in the autumn.