Support for complex construction projects

As a project developer, you shape areas and breathe new life into residential districts. You also have to deal with complex construction projects. Getting the most out of a project is therefore important.

The durability of the paint systems plays an important role in this. Anker Stuy’s quality coatings are suitable for the most diverse circumstances, both inside and outside and will postpone maintenance of the property as long as possible!

Maintenance and guarantee for property developers

Elements are affected by different conditions, which means that maintenance must eventually take place. In order to relieve you and the end user, we have developed a maintenance and prevention plan up to 25 years after the installation of the element.

By working with Anker Stuy products, the time when maintenance measures need to be taken can be postponed as long as possible. This is because Anker Stuy only works with the highest quality binders and pigments.

Providing the right advice in time

The guarantee systems are established through cooperation between you as customer and us as supplier. Our paint experts can optimally advise you which type of paint is suitable for a particular property project.

In this way, you are assured of a high-quality finish for the element. Ask here for a visit from our advisor without any obligation.


If you include Anker Stuy coatings in your specifications, you can rely on a durable quality product.

Of course, we also check during the building process: we give a guarantee if you follow our advice regarding the application of our paint products. Furthermore, we make visit and control reports. Anker Stuy is your partner; we relieve you of all your worries during the entire painting process.

Do you want to know more or do you have a question? Please contact us.