An eye for future changes

A lot is changing in the field of paint and raw materials. What will the composition of paint be like in twenty years’ time? Which laws and regulations should we take into account? Will the substrates or the material still be the same?

In the future, paint will have more added value and additional functions. Think about fire retardants or paint that generates energy or retains or releases heat. These ‘smart’ coatings will increasingly reach our living rooms in the future.

Because we have our own laboratory, we can always be at the forefront of new developments.

Quality control

All batches we produce are subject to strict quality control. All our products must be within the specifications that we have set for that particular product. As a result, customers always receive the composition of their desired product. In our laboratory we test whether the products we make meet this quality.

Specific needs

Thanks to our own laboratory we can also quickly respond to the wishes and requirements of our customers. A tailor-made product is one of the possibilities. Would you like more information? Then please contact us.