As an architect, you want to use professional paint that gives your unique design the appearance that sets it apart, while at the same time providing a long-term reprieve from maintenance. In addition, paint must adhere well and retain its colour after many years. Anker Stuy Coatings offers you the solution for this.

Colour concepts

Colours are a source of inspiration and are an important distinguishing element for you. Colour says it all. In our own colour laboratory, our employees work daily on the latest colour trends. The colour pastes are optimally formulated for all our paint systems. This results in excellent colour matching, colour fastness and outstanding durability.

Paintwork support for architects

Our paintwork support is highly appreciated. The trends within the paint sector follow each other in rapid succession. Customisation is therefore desirable. Our goal is clear: to support you as an architect from the beginning to the very end when the project gets completed.

In this way we can postpone the maintenance interval as long as possible and we also guarantee this through maintenance contracts, up to 25 years! The right paint product for every situation, that is what we strive for.

Specification service

Anker Stuy offers the possibility to compose project related specifications for new building and renovation. If you include Anker Stuy’s paints in your specifications, you are assured of a product with excellent durability. Your design will retain its charm for a long time.

Ask for a visit from our paint consultant without any obligation.

We are happy to help!

Are you an architect looking for the right paint system for your design? Whether it’s new build, renovation or maintenance projects, with our years of experience, personal advice and guidance we ensure a beautiful end result.