High-quality varnishes for yacht carpentry

We have a wide range of high-quality varnishes and hard wax oils for yacht woodwork. These give a luxurious look to the interior of a yacht, cruiser or other type of ship. These products also protect the surface against dirt and moisture. And they are extremely scratch and impact resistant. The lacquers are available in classic and modern shades, and are easy to apply by brush, roller, spray or even by cloth.

We know how high the demands are that owners of boats and yachts regarding the finish. The wood types that are often used in yacht building are of high quality and may be seen. The current trend is to make these types of wood look as natural as possible. This is possible with the Aplexol products from Anker Stuy.

Fire and safety standards

Anker Stuy yacht paints also meet the highest standards. They are free of heavy metals and many of our products meet the latest fire standards. We also test our products for chemical and alcohol resistance. Therefore we can guarantee that all surfaces treated with our lacquers can be cleaned without any problems or are resistant to red wine and other products.

Yacht paint with a trendy touch

For interiors of yachts where the sky is the limit, Anker Stuy has a number of unique trendy varnish systems. Such as copper or gold effect lacquers that can be applied to any interior element, creating a seamless surface. This in combination with our high gloss lacquers will create a unique interior.