Looking for a paint system with high bio-based content? Aplex Aqua paint from Anker Stuy consists largely of renewable raw materials and could also play a role in your sustainability ambitions. 

The product range consists of high-quality primers and topcoats that are available in various gloss levels and both opaque and transparent. 

Discover the Aplex Aqua product range.

C14 Method

The paint systems were examined and tested according to the C14 method (NEN-En 16640). Based on the standards, we can conclude that 45% to 58% of the Aplex Aqua products contain bio-based content. And can therefore be a good alternative for products based on acrylates.

Want to use Aplex Aqua products?

Are you interested in whether Aplex Aqua can also be used in your production line? Our technical consultants are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

The products can be processed both manually and with robotic sprayers. They dry quickly and are characterised by good insulation of wood properties.

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