Aplex Aqua products are easy to process and have outstanding technical durability. This product strikes the right balance between sustainability, environmental compatibility, user-friendliness and optimum technical performance. The result remains beautiful for a remarkably long time. One less worry and good for the environment.

Aplex Aqua is characterised by its unique properties. The binding agent used is a unique water-based alkyd emulsion which is characterised by extremely low water absorption combined with excellent elasticity and, above all, high proven outdoor durability. This keeps the wooden element in top condition. We do not only claim this, but also guarantee it in combination with our guarantee systems.


All products comply with SKH – KOMO regulations and can be used in various systems or applications.

Aplex Aqua: sustainable choice

Alkyd emulsions contain from their origin a large proportion of bio-based content in accordance with the NEN-EN 16640 guideline. Therefore, the product is also a conscious choice for your production process.

Colour accuracy and gloss

Our Aplex Aqua line is supplied in combination with our own colour pastes which consist of very high-quality colour pigments comparable to those used in the automobile industry. This allows us to guarantee colourfastness and the degradation of a colour over time. We do not only claim this, but we can also prove it. Also, the gloss performance of the products is extremely good and degradation is minimal.