In recent years, LED curing has also taken off and a lot of energy costs can be saved with LED. In recent years, there has also been a lot of development in 3D UV curing and, in addition to flat panels and elements, more and more profiles can now also be cured using 3D UV curing.

Anker Stuy product solutions

Within its range of UV coatings, Anker Stuy Coatings has options in water-based and 100% solvent-free systems. These are, for example, applicable in the parquet industry or furniture industry. In addition, our technical advisors have a great deal of knowledge of the processes, so that with minimal adjustments, an extremely high quality can be achieved.

A few important key figures for a good UV coating are:

  • Stable viscosity because the coating will rotate all day in the pumps of the system
  • A good quality and level of photo-initiators that go into the coating to ensure a good reaction with the lamps
  • Fast and beautiful flow of the paint

Cooperation with UV machine manufacturers

Anker Stuy Coatings works closely with manufacturers of UV machines and installations. Brands and manufacturers like Cefla, Giardina, Barberan or Bürkle. Throughout Europe, we can carry out tests with our technical advisors on the machines of these manufacturers.

Many of these manufacturers also have a test centre where we can tailor the products and machines to the customer’s exact requirements.