Process optimalisation

The system also complies with the KOMO guidelines and is a high-quality system based on a unique Tricryl technology. The system scores extremely well on water absorption, elasticity, adhesion and UV protection. The paint system can also be forced dried in all colours, which saves a lot of time in the factory.

Process optimisation has also been taken into consideration. Anker Stuy Coatings has experienced increasing wishes for shortening the throughput times in the factory, and with this system it has a clear answer for the market.

Topcoat in two layers

Finishing in two layers is possible, and the front and/or primed window frame can be finished in one layer. The products are available in three gloss levels: Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Semi-Matt. The KOMO-certificate includes four forced drying conditions with various combinations of time and temperature.

This makes it possible to spray a window frame within 24 hours and to dry it before proceeding to assembly. The products can also be applied on automatic spray systems of the common brands/suppliers.

Faster delivery

With this system, Anker Stuy Verven wants to offer an answer to an industry that has increasingly shorter lead times. There are customers who use a lead time of two weeks from quotation request to placement of the frame at the customer.

It is also important for our customers to have as little stock as possible, which is why it will also be possible to deliver ‘next day’ in the Netherlands and Belgium.

  • Reducing lead times
  • Two layers possible in concept three
  • Pre-paint possible in one layer
  • Forced drying possible