Metal effect lacquers for a trendy look

The metal effect lacquers give the furniture builder the possibility to use plate materials such as MDF or Chipboard and to upgrade these with a metal effect lacquer finish such as brass, silver or copper ‘look’.

By working with these materials, you create an awful lot of finishing possibilities that are difficult to achieve with real copper or silver, for example. Also, the costs are not in comparison.

Possibilities for effect lacquering are:

  • Rust effect
  • Gold accents
  • A brass/bronze finish
  • A silver look
  • A copper look
  • Sparkling champagne
  • Pearl white iridescent
  • Coarse silver
  • Brilliant aluminium

Impeller with samples

Er A range has been developed with different samples of the metal effect lacquers so that you can directly assess the different appearances. For more information, please contact us at or ask your wholesaler.

Natural finish

We also have various solutions for natural wood finishes. For example, we have products that preserve oak in its natural appearance and have good scratch and impact resistant properties. They are also resistant to red wine or cleaning agents.

Project van Hoof interior design

The photo on the left shows a project developed and executed with our Aplexol Hardwax Rapid Matt, an oil with varnish properties. Which also does not stain the wood or leave a lacquer film behind so the end result is extremely natural.