Produce more in less time

Hydrolux is KOMO certified and has a guaranteed period of maintenance-free painting. By working with the Hydrolux paint system, a concept III paint system can be realised within 24 hours, whereby glazing and further processing of the window frame can already be started the next day.

Hydrolux range

Hydrolux is a product line that consists of a complete assortment of duocoat, primers and topcoats, both in opaque and transparent versions. The paint system is characterised by an excellent life span and is extensively tested on various components, such as UV resistance, water absorption and gloss and colour degradation. The entire range is KOMO-certified in accordance with the BRL0814 and RL0817, and is guaranteed by us to be of the highest quality. This in combination with our guarantee plan.

Single piece element

Unique to this line is the ‘single piece’ application. The product distinguishes itself because it is possible to apply an SPP method up to the final layer. Hydrolux is suitable for all renowned single piece production machines and can be supplied with a KOMO quality mark.

Since 2018, single piece coating has been an innovative way of applying paint to a wooden element. Assembling the frame only takes place after the application of the primer and/or midcoat layer, without loss of the quality of the adhesive bond. The major benefit of single piece coating arises in the existing spray and drying area, where it is possible to apply only the topcoat. This creates more space in the spraying and drying room and the capacity can be increased.

New: Hydrolux Topcoat Thix

A water-based industrial topcoat for exterior use based on Tri-Cryl technology. Applicable as a durable sprayable topcoat on new and existing wooden parts. This topcoat is characterised by:

  • High standing power, so that the topcoat can be sprayed easily. Wet spraying is possible up to 400 Mu without sagging.
  • The possibility of forced drying so that the drying time can be shortened
  • The possibility to apply 2 layers of topcoat

In addition, this topcoat has an excellent durability, is UV resistant, non yellowing and overpaintable with various water based systems and alkyd resin paints. The Hydrolux Topcoat Thix is available in Semi-matt, Semi-Gloss and Gloss, all opaque. Soon it will also be available as a transparent variant.