Duracare 2K topcoat for the wood-processing market

Duracare 2K has been developed for the wood processing market and especially for door manufacturers who would like more hardness of their varnished surface. This means that damage can be prevented during installation or when the doors are hung up, and of course a “foolproof” product can be offered for the use of the door. The scratch and impact resistance in combination with the excellent outdoor performance are ideal for these purposes.

The product can be sprayed fully automatically with the usual spraying equipment and robot installations. We will be happy to advise you on this and we will also be present at the start of the process to eliminate errors.

The characteristics of Duracare

  • Two component coating with very good blocking, scratch and impact resistant properties
  • Conform KOMO and applicable in concept III with Anker Stuy Hydrolux primers
  • Very durable, up to 15 years maintenance free possible
  • Low gloss and colour degradation
  • Easy to process (Airless / Airmix) in combination with 2K spray pump
  • Solvent-free and safe processing (user-friendly dryer / B-Component)