Ervaringen van onze klanten
We have been doing business with Anker Stuy Verven for many years. Good product quality in combination with fast and good support is what …
Ralph Nederlof
Westerveld & Nederlof
Joinery industry
By working with Hydrolux wood coatings, we can produce more in less time. This increases our capacity and therefore our yield.
Rick van Houten
Timmerfabriek Timboco
Joinery industry
The pedigree tables we make are made of tropical wood species. We want to preserve the natural look and warmth of the wood and …
Paul Jansen
De Tafelmakerij
Furniture & interior construction
Anker Stuy Verven supports our people in achieving a high-quality finish for our furniture. From system advice to setting up the spraying equipment, the …
Henk Hummel
Furniture & interior construction
Joinery industry
Anker Stuy’s furniture lacquers are easy to work with and give me the assurance of a high-quality result without any surprises afterwards.
Mr. Scheper
Meubelspuiterij Scheper
Furniture & interior construction
We have been working with the products of Anker Stuy Verven for years. The products are produced regionally, which is important to us, but …
Sybout Reitsma
Van Wijnen
Joinery industry