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The joinery industry is an important chain partner for the construction industry. Frames, windows, doors and stairs are delivered daily for installation in existing or new homes. Anker Stuy Coatings has a balanced product range that is precisely tailored to this target group. We not only supply the paint products but also like to think along with the factory about how we can optimise paint application processes so that the products can be used correctly by the joinery industry.

We do not do this alone. We work together with suppliers from all related industries, such as spray robots, drying devices, spraying equipment, timber and more. Because we have knowledge of the entire process, we know how to advise you on the best paint systems suitable for your product or part.

Extensive range of paints for the joinery industry

Our extensive range of paints for the joinery industry offers you the choice of various concept models, all of which are supplied under KOMO certification. In addition there is a wide choice of various gloss levels, processing conditions and it is available in both opaque and transparent.

Dutch manufacturing

The industrial paints of Anker Stuy are produced in Terwispel, which is located in the north of the Netherlands. The paints can be delivered within 24 hours throughout the Benelux and Germany, with the support of our technical advisors who will help and relieve you right up to the spray room.


Our paint systems in both Concept II and Concept III and IV can be provided in combination with a life expectancy and guarantee of up to 15 years. Anker Stuy Verven has developed an accurate calculation for this purpose which gives you insight into the expected maintenance interval.