Create a luxurious surface with the gold effect lacquer from Anker Stuy

Within the range of Anker Stuy furniture lacquers we have a range of effect lacquers that can give furniture and interior surfaces a luxurious look. The advantage over other materials is that any shape is possible and this completely seamless.

For interior architects and stylists the possibility to give a luxurious look to elements in the house. In addition to the gold effect, we also have silver, copper and bronze effect lacquers.

The lacquer system is easy to apply by a furniture painter and if required we will be happy to advise you.

Gold as an interior trend

Since this year, the colour gold has also joined this popular interior trend. Just like copper, gold is a warm colour that can be easily applied. For example, in the trend of hotel chic, this colour combines well with wallpaper and warm tones. But also a golden mirror, a copper statue or even a golden side table can create the desired warm atmosphere in a home.

With our gold-effect lacquer you are able to treat many different surfaces in many different shapes and thus achieve this luxurious look.

Gold can also be combined well with our black matt finishes. Think for example of a black kitchen with gold accents. These combinations can also be made with our furniture lacquers. We will be happy to advise you.