Housing corporations and property owners increasingly experience the quality and service of Anker Stuy Coatings.

We listen to your needs and share our knowledge. We also explain our service-oriented approach. Inspection of paintwork and painting is especially important for guarantee-free maintenance. This means a guaranteed period of maintenance free painting of your building.

This may be that a building is in need of renovation and that the products of Anker Stuy Coatings are chosen or this means that wooden elements as concept III or concept III+ are applied.

Technical paint support

We notice that housing associations and property owners appreciate our paint-technical support. After all, the trends within the paint sector move at lightning speed. Customisation is then pleasant.

Especially when it comes to paint for housing associations and property owners. Our goal is clear: to support you as a housing association or property owner from the early stages to the actual final delivery. This way, we can postpone the maintenance interval as long as possible, often up to 15 years.

The right paint product for every situation, that is what we strive for, also when it comes to paint for housing associations. From painting project-based house construction to the maintenance of a monumental company building. You as a housing association or property owner do not need to worry about a thing.

We would like to help you!

Are you a housing association or property owner looking for customised and durable quality in terms of paint? We would like to help you. With personal advice and guidance, we ensure a smooth process and end result.